Italy v Ireland Past Matches

 6 Nations Matches:

Match Date Venue
 Ireland 60–13 Italy 04-Mar-00 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Italy 22–41 Ireland 03-Feb-01 Stadio Flaminio, Rome
 Ireland 32–17 Italy 23-Mar-02 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Italy 13–37 Ireland 22-Feb-03 Stadio Flaminio, Rome
 Ireland 19–3 Italy 20-Mar-04 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Italy 17–28 Ireland 06-Feb-05 Stadio Flaminio, Rome
 Ireland 26–16 Italy 04-Feb-06 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Italy 24–51 Ireland 17-Mar-07 Stadio Flaminio, Rome
 Ireland 16–11 Italy 02-Feb-08 Croke Park, Dublin
 Italy 9–38 Ireland 15-Feb-09 Stadio Flaminio, Rome
 Ireland 29–11 Italy 06-Feb-10 Croke Park, Dublin
 Italy 11–13 Ireland 05-Feb-11 Stadio Flaminio, Rome
 Ireland 42–10 Italy 25-Feb-12 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Italy 22–15 Ireland 16-Mar-13 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
 Ireland 46–7 Italy 08-Mar-14 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Italy 3–26 Ireland 07-Feb-15 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
 Ireland 58–15 Italy 12-Mar-16 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Italy 10–63 Ireland 11-Feb-17 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
 Ireland 56–19 Italy 10-Feb-18 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Italy 16–26 Ireland 24-Feb-19 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
 Ireland 50–17 Italy 24-Oct-20 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Italy 10–48 Ireland 27-Feb-21 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
 Ireland 57–6 Italy 28-Feb-22 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Italy 20–34 Ireland 25-Feb-23 Stadio Olimpico, Rome
 Ireland 36–0 Italy 11-Feb-24 Aviva Stadium, Dublin

World Cup Matches:

Match Date Venue
 Ireland 36–6 Italy 02-Oct-11 Otago Stadium, New Zealand
 Ireland 16–9 Italy 04-Oct-15 Olympic Stadium, England

Other Test Matches:

Match Date Venue
 Ireland 31–15 Italy 31-Dec-88 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Italy 22–12 Ireland 06-May-95 Stadio Comunale di Monigo, Treviso
 Ireland 29–37 Italy 03-Jan-97 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Italy 37–22 Ireland 20-Dec-97 Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, Bologna
 Ireland 39–30 Italy 10-Apr-99 Lansdowne Road, Dublin
 Ireland 61–6 Italy 30-Aug-03 Thomond Park, Limerick
 Ireland 23–20 Italy 24-Aug-07 Ravenhill Stadium, Belfast
 Ireland 54–7 Italy 23-Nov-18 Soldier Field, Chicago, USA
 Ireland 29–10 Italy 10-Aug-19 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
 Ireland 33–17 Italy 05-Aug-23 Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Italy and Ireland have played each other at rugby union since 1988.

Total matches: 37
Ireland wins: 33
Italy Wins: 4
Draws: 0